Michelle is a nationally-recognized speaker whose talks bring a fresh perspective to topics that challenge us all. Her capacity to translate science into digestible, applicable strategies creates empowering and fun experiences for audiences that are hungry for a better path forward.

Keynotes and Trainings

  • Calm, Connected and Courageous: Transform Yourself, Transform Your Team

  • Outsmarting Stress: Feel More Energized, Engaged and Effective

  • Putting Fear, Stress and Ego in the Side Car

  • Wanna Help? Regulate Your Own Nervous System

  • Attention Management Strategies: Reclaiming Time, Energy and Sanity

  • Elevating and Amplifying Changemakers

  • What I Know Now: Distilled, Applicable Lessons from Over a Decade of Executive Leadership

  • Socially Conscious Leadership from the Inside Out

  • Widening the Circle of Who Belongs

  • Social Emotional Health: Basics and Beyond

  • Understanding Toxic Stress, Trauma, and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)

Sample Keynotes

Momentous Institute 2018 Changing the Odds Dinner

Do More Good 2019 Conference

Extra Yard for Teachers Summit